Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Many of you may have seen me on Season 8 of Hell's Kitchen.  Unfortunately, I got a "raw" deal on the sushi station on episode 2.  After escaping the chopping blocks from my teammates on the "blue team", Chef Ramsey surprised us all, and asked for my jacket.  As I was leaving Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsey said, "Curtis may be a good ole boy from Arkansas, but he didn't cook very well tonight."

While sushi may not be my forte, I like to think I can cook.  As I have been told by so many of my family and friends who have encouraged my culinary journey from a young age and countless patron's in the restaurant industry.  Currently, you can find me cooking at Lulav, in the Little Rock, Arkansas where I'm the Executive Chef.

My personal "Farm to Table" style of cooking was foster at a young age growing up on a farm.  The simplicity of good, fresh, local fare should be the highlight of every dish.  While being a Hell's Kitchen was an unbelievable experience, I'm looking forward to many more exciting culinary adventures as continue to explore my passion for local food.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!

-Chef "Lewie"